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Playing with round stickers

Playing with round stickers can enhance finger-handling and other skills such as finger-handling dexterity. This is one of the recommended educational games for young children, and is also incorporated into Montessori education and other programs.
We offer three sizes of round frames (large, medium, and small) so you can choose the size that best suits your child’s progress.
You can have fun not only with stickers but also with circle stamps.


Large circles

These are large enough for children who are new to stickers or younger children to enjoy.


Medium circles

The guideline age for the mount using the medium sticker is 2 years old, but please monitor your child carefully as you move through the stages.


Small circles

The standard age for small stickers is from 2 to 3 years old, but this is only a rough guide.
Please observe your child’s enjoyment of medium stickers before proceeding to the next stage.


Circles of mixed sizes

This is a learning activity in which stickers are placed on round frames of different sizes.
By selecting stickers of the correct size for each frame, children can develop their ability to discriminate between large and small through play.

Try starting with “Large and medium” first.
As your child learns to recognize small differences in size, try playing with “Large and small” and “Medium and small” as well.

We have also prepared prints that use all three sizes, so you can challenge your child as you see fit.

Large and medium

Large and small

Medium and small

Large, medium and small

Half circle

Cut the circle sticker in half and paste it while considering its orientation.
By being aware of the orientation, your child will learn to recognize left and right sides and spatial awareness.

Colored print

This printable helps children develop color recognition skills through play.
The “Single Color” print helps children develop color recognition skills by placing stickers of the same color as the background.
The “Color Identification” printable encourages children to choose stickers of the same color as the circle frame to develop their powers of observation and attention.

Single Color

Color Identification

Without limit

This is a printable without a round frame that allows children to freely apply stickers.
When it is difficult to be aware of the frame, please enjoy playing with stickers with this print.

Feeling like coloring with stickers

It is recommended as a first STEP to start coloring.

How to use these prints

  • Start with large stickers, then move on to medium and then to small, depending on your child’s progress.
  • For children who are getting used to it, we also offer prints that mix large and small, and prints that are color-conscious and fun.

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