Let’s play in various mazes! | emoプリ(えもぷり)



Translated by DeepL

Let’s play in various mazes!

Very easy maze

Recommended for children who enjoy mazes for the first time.
Start when they can draw lines with crayons or pens.

Until the children are comfortable with the maze, you can hold the top of the pencil they are holding and go with them.
At the fork in the maze, ask them which way to go.
You can even point to a dead end and ask them if you can go in that direction.

Easy maze

The maze is getting a little more complicated.
Let the children who can do “Very easy maze” try it.

There are two types of “Kantan Maze.

The sheet with three mazes on it can be enjoyed by children around 4 years old.
There is a small maze for warming up and two larger mazes.

In the sheet with two mazes, the paths become narrower and more complicated.
This is a step towards “Slightly more difficult mazes”.

Slightly more difficult mazes

From here on out, each sheet will have one maze on it.
You can start with the cake maze, where the path is wider and easier.

It will be more difficult than before, requiring more concentration and a wider field of vision.
We hope the children will enjoy printing and further develop their ability to concentrate and recognize space.

Difficult Maze

This is the most difficult maze in “emopri”.
It can be enjoyed even in the lower grades of elementary school, so if your child is good at mazes, please give it a try.

Hide-and-seek maze

Follow the hose-shaped path and draw a line from the start to the goal, and a picture of something will appear.
Please enjoy guessing with your child what is hidden in the picture.

Answers Video

You can watch videos of the maze solutions.
There are two types of videos: a “YouTube version” and an “X version”!
We will add more solution videos as needed, so please look forward to them!

Please note that the videos will be in Japanese only.

Hide-and-seek maze

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About Maze Sheet

Once your child is able to draw lines with crayons and other materials, try maze.

We have a variety of free maze prints with cute and interesting patterns for children to enjoy working on.


The maze will help you develop your “stroke stroke, thinking, judgment, spatial awareness, concentration,” etc.


I want them to acquire various skills while playing.

The mazes are divided into different levels of difficulty, so they can be enjoyed by children from toddlers to early elementary school students.

Please enjoy downloading free of charge the one that suits your child.


The mazes above “Slightly more difficult mazes” can be enjoyed by elementary school students.


We hope they will enjoy it with their brothers, sisters, and friends of different ages.

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